Daylight Energy Saving Bulbs 30W

Daylight Energy Saving Bulb 30W - Spiral Shape

The full spectrum of colour enables you to see colours accurately day or night.  Daylight bulbs reduce the glare and are a comfortable light for your eyes helping to relieve the eyestrain and headaches often associated with working with computers.

Using just one energy saving bulb can reduce your lighting costs.  Traditional bulbs waste energy by turning it into heat rather than light.  Switching to a daylight energy    saving lamp brings instant benefits for both you and the planet.

  • 80% energy savings compared to normal incandescent bulbs
  • New smaller shape
  • Daylight colour
  • Rated ‘A’ for energy consumption
  • 8,000 hours, equivalent of 10 normal bulbs

30W (can be used as a direct replacement for a traditional 150W incandescent bulb)

Code  Equivalent Fitting Colour Lumens Height mm
SP30WBC  150W   B22 6400    1535  165
SP30WES  150W   E27 6400    1535  165

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