Diamond 5 SAD Lightbox - Fastest Treatment

The Diamond 5 SAD Lightbox - As featured on Embarrassing Bodies!

Our most powerful SAD lightbox and gives the fastest treatment.

10,000 Lux at 55cm,  2,500 Lux at 132cm

This powerful Diamond 5 SAD lightbox is a superb model for people on the go who want the fastest possible treatment for SAD.  The Diamond 5 has two switches to vary the light output, you can have two, three or five lights on.  The benefit of this is if you want to have the light on all day, and work by it you can use either the two or three lights or use with all 5 lights for a quick blast of light therapy.

The switchable lights are also ideal for people who need to start using the lightbox more gradually (if they suffer from ME, CFS or MS).

The Diamond 5 offers a wide spread of light making it ideal for a large area or group use.

Diamond 5 - Features & Benefits

  • Powerful 5 Light model for fastest treatment for SAD
  • Fast treatment time of 20 minutes
  • Featured on Embarrassing Bodies
  • Advanced curved shape focuses the light for maximum effect
  • Smooth opal diffuser gives a beautiful even luminosity
  • Tilting base allows forward or backward movement of 6-12 degrees.
  • A lightweight box fitted with a handle for ease of use
  • It has two switches to vary the light output
  • Optional floor stand or wall mounting bracket available
  • Ideal SAD Lightbox for group use
  • Size Lightbox - 61 x 33 10 cm,  Base - 23 x 28 x 5 cm
  • Product weight:  4.2kg

Product Code: D105

If you suffer from the symptoms of SAD and are purchasing the Lightbox for personal use, please choose the VAT Exempt option from the drop down menu and VAT will not be added to your order.

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