Sick Building Syndrome

Does your work performance slump in mid-morning or mid-afternoon? Do you reach for the biscuits or sweets?  Do you wonder whether you are getting enough natural light, if you're not a LitePod used on your desk or at your workstation could make a big difference.

Research shows that over the last half of the 20th Century sunlight reaching the earth has reduced by as much as 2-3% per decade. This is attracting scientific attention with implications for weather, water and agriculture - but what about people?

In addition, more and more offices are now being built with tinted glass and low levels of lighting with pools of brighter so called 'task' lighting. Lighting like this does not provide anything like the amount of natural light that our bodies need and helps create 'Sick Building Syndrome' which makes us feel listless and ineffective and can worsen the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).

The light therapy provided by a Litepod at work can:

    • Alleviate tiredness and increase alertness
    • Increase energy levels
    • Help sleep problems
    • Ease anxiety problems
    • Boost your productivity
    • Reduce the craving for biscuits and sweets