Please not that we have only used the intials of peoples names to protect their privacy.

I wanted to thank you for a great product.  I must admit that I was quite skeptical a thing like this might work.  After all, it looks like an everyday lamp.  I’ve not even used it for a week and the changes are remarkable.  I used to be this living zombie, feeling tired all the day.  But no more.  I’m also more cheerful and I have the feeling I can take on more work.  Thanks a lot, this is truly a life saver and it’s now a vital part of my workstation. 
F van H

Thanks again for such good service.  P.R.

Both my partner and I suffer from SAD and were going through a bad time of this when I purchased the box. What a difference it made, put it on in the mornings as soon as we got up and it certainly lifted us both, we didn't feel as tired or depressed as prior to using it. I also found that I was able to concentrate more at work as well, particularly in the mornings. Also put it on in the evenings while preparing and eating dinner. I can honestly say that usually I dread the dark nights and mornings but although I am not looking forward to them I do not feel the fear as I have in the past. We will start to use it earlier this year as recommended and hopefully will have a better winter!  A.S.

I would like to thank you for what I can only describe as a major transformation in my life, I can hardly believe the change in my quality of life as a result of your light therapy box.  I could tell even after one day that I was a lot calmer and all my anxiety disappeared.  P.W.

Just wanted to let you know how much I love my LitePod.  For years I have experienced mood/behavioral changes that affect not only me but those around me.  After a particularly bad year I saw an advert for your product, and without really thinking ordered a LitePod.  I can’t begin to  describe how wonderful it has been to reach March without the feelings of despair, fatigue and misery.  I thank you and my family thank you because I have been much easier to live with this winter!  G.E.  

The lights are fantastic and I don’t need to get on a plane!
They really give a happy burst of energy and easy to work - thank you very! C B

About 2 weeks ago I realized that I was getting what I thought was seasonal change, a bit early I thought, but I put on the lightbox.  Just 2 sessions and I could feel the difference…. It really is marvelous and I keep telling people about it.  I would like everyone who has SAD to benefit from one of these boxes, no tablets, no medication, just about 50 minutes of my time, but such a benefit.  P.S.

Many thanks indeed for the service – my light box arrived this morning and have used it already:  excellent – thank you!  T.S.

In November last year I purchased a light box from your company which I found to be very helpful thru’ the winter.  Thanking you.  J.P.

I want to thank you – ever – so much! – for your efficiency in dealing with my request for a LitePod & your quick dispatch of same.  It is wonderful.  Has become indispensable.  Am so pleased!  M.G

I would like to say how much I appreciate your prompt and helpful service.  It is so seldom, nowadays, that companies deal with clients in such a pleasant, helpful and polite way. R.U.

All of us at New Approaches (to Cancer) would like to thank you so much for your support and help over the last year or so.  Being able to supply so many lights and light boxes for patients is a wonderful thing to be able to do especially when we see them getting a real benefit from the increased quality of light.  New Approaches to Cancer

I have now received my new light and its fab!  J.M.

Congratulations on your excellent service in arranging for delivery of my recent order for a Diamond 4, 48 hours after I faxed you the order.  It is a pleasure to receive such prompt attention and I am pleased with the product. A.M.

The light box has been very useful I have it on next to my computer on a morning and it helps me to get going and during the winter months stopped me feeling so sleepy on an afternoon. T.P.

Wow!  That’s what I call service.  S.P.

I find my LitePod of great benefit to myself and colleagues within close proximity of my work station. The light helps lift mood and boost my concentration, my colleagues have remarked that on a dark day my light brightens the office and gives them that much needed lift. J.A.
Thank you for such a speedy delivery of my LitePod, absolutely superb! I suffer with SAD and felt that having one of these lights would help. I am sitting here now writing this with it on. Thanks again for a first class service.  M.H.

Thank you for the help you gave me in making sure that I had the most suitable light box. Within about four days of using it I definitely began to feel better. Wish I had got one last year instead of waiting. Still it is here now for next year and I’ll be able to start the therapy when the light changes. Again many thanks E.P.

Just a thank you note really: I ordered a LitePod sad light-box from you (over the internet) at around this time yesterday and it has just been delivered to me here at work already. Many thanks for the prompt handling of my order! L.O.

Excellent product - have had no problems and it certainly helps in the dark days. J. M.

Very happy with the quality of the product. Was concerned before ordering that it could be fragile but am pleased how sturdy it appears. It was used regularly through the winter and sits well on my desk at work. K.M.

I have been very happy with my LitePod light box, it is so easy to use and so portable too, within two weeks I noticed an improvement and I will be starting to use it again now at the end of August as you need to start using it again before the end of the summer. D.K.

Thank you and congrats on such a speedy delivery.  Great service as always from you.  J.P.
It's wonderful. It really gives me an energy boost in the darkest months. I use it in the morning to wake me up. I recommend it to anyone who suffers from S.A.D. or for anyone who feels down in the winter. J.B.

‘Wow’, that’s what I call fantastic service.  S.P.
Just to say thank you, for the speedy delivery of my S.A.D. Light Box, it came the next morning. I have also noticed the difference in myself, already in using it. Wish I had thought to order it earlier. C.O.

I received my new lightbox today and just wanted to say ‘thank you’ very much for the great service and for all you help and advice.  J.M.